Someday I’ll figure out a better way to get these paintings in a digital format…but crummy photos will have to work. 

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Alright I finally got a quick warmup sketch done *v*

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Hey everyone, I wanted to apologize for being so absent on this blog. The truth is between having an incredibly busy and stressful semester, an internship, and hurting my hand I haven’t been able to draw as much as I’d like. My break is next week and I have bunch of drawings I’ve started so I’ll be sure to post something then c:

Also, it looks like I’ve got a few new followers in my absence, so hello! I’m honored to hike my work enough to file me.I’m sorry you’ve caught me at a low post point. I try very hard to draw daily, but lately I don’t have much to show right now.

Hello to any new followers and I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately! I’m more active on my main blog so if you want to find me there please feel free to send me an ask :D

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I realized a painting with these dimensions isn’t the greatest format for tumblr :B

Oh well…I’ve been taking another year of illustration so I have an excuse to paint and draw environments (which I hardly ever do). I really need to draw scenery more.

Also, I’ll never figure out the best way to get a digital copy of my traditional work. No matter how good the lighting is and how expensive the camera the colors won’t turn out to be what they look like in person.

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Sticker Zine Artists Announced!

Hey everyone!  First of all let me say: thank you for participating!  I got so many submissions, but we were able to narrow it down to 25 awesome artists who will be included in the final print version of the zine.

I’m happy to announce the official artist list for Sticker Zine!

Josh Neal
Emma Tolley
Sarah Bee
Jessi Zabarsky 
Rosemary Valero-O’Connel
Clarice Ng
Daviann Morais
Amanda Ritchie 
Teressa Ong
Miranda Harmon 
Michelle Guerrero
Maddi Gonzalez 
Itza Maturana 
Zachary Ng 
Kelly Cunningham 
Tegan Iversen 
Beccy David
Michael Perez 
Chase Holmberg 
Marina Arriola 
Katrina Wilbur 
Sloan Armstrong 
Logan Spoto 
Solomon Fletcher 
John Wilinski

We’ll be updating you with more news on the final product soon!  Again, thank you to everyone who submitted, and thank you for supporting us!!!

Hey everyone, my submission was picked for the Sticker Zine along with 24 other artists :D I’ll keep you on the release but please take a look at all the other submissions when you get the chance!

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Hey, I’m still alive!

Just wanted to show my submission to Sticker Zine

Thanks for the opportunity!! :D

I just realized I put my banner at the bottom instead of the top…I hope this doesn’t interfere with my submission >A>

EDIT (2/26/24): I fixed the banner and put it on top >v>U

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my speedpaints aren’t so speedy

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Is there anyone who could benefit from my knowledge if I did an art tutorial?

 If so, what would I do or what would anyone like to see?

The shakey shake QvQ

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If you want my personal blog just send an ask and I'll be happy to give it to you


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